Board Members & Committees

Board of Directors

Director/President                  2021-2024

Shirley Kerns


Director/Vice President          2021-2024

Sue Niewenhous


Director/Secretary                  2022-2025

Jennifer Prather


Director                                   2020-2023

Ken Stafford


Director                                   2022-2025

Mary Woody


Director/Treasurer             2022-2025

Allison Harrell



Architectural Control Committee

Shirley Kerns – Acting Chair


Covenants Enforcement Committee

Shirley Kerns-Chair


Welaunee Monitoring and Action Committee

Allison Harrell – Chair


Irrigation Committee

Ken Stafford


Hospitality/Welcome Committee

Martha Story


If you’d like to know more about these 

Committees, read on. 

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and the Covenants Enforcement Committee (CEC) play an important role in maintaining the integrity of our collective properties.  Each member of these committees is responsible for understanding, evaluating and communicating conditions and standards relating to compliance with the governing documents of our HOA as well as policies  and rules that have been adopted by its Board.

In short, the ACC is responsible for reviewing and evaluating any proposal to construct or improve upon any of the lots within Buckhead.  “Improving upon” includes additions or modifications to existing homes, as well as adding such things as fences, driveways, pools, sidewalks and mailboxes.  Yes, even mailboxes!    Prior approval of the ACC is provided for in our governing Covenants.

The CEC is responsible for receiving complaints about potential non-compliant conditions in our neighborhood and conducting inspections and audits as necessary.  Further, the CEC is responsible for implementing the HOA’s Covenants Enforcement Procedure which includes notifying owners of non-compliance conditions, generating formal non-compliance notices and assessing fines that have been adopted by the HOA.

Our Covenants provide if any construction or improvement is made upon a lot without prior written approval of the ACC, that the owner of such construction or improvement is responsible for bringing such construction or improvement into compliance and to secure ACC approval; and that such Owner is liable for all costs (including attorney’s fees) associated with the necessary removal or restoration to ensure compliance.    In addition, Florida law permits HOAs to assess fines for a continued state of non-compliance with its Covenants as well as file property liens where fines are unpaid.